Flat Belly Tea Final Review – Bet 5 Tips to use at Home

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What is Flat belly Tea?

I know it’s been two weeks. If any of y’all actually following you wanted to know how the flat belly organic tea turned out. Y’all going to, be really disappointed in me, not flat tummy tea. Because I did not finish it. I don’t like tea and then we used. I thought that like zeros always tasted. It doesn’t taste bad. I’m, okay! Well, I don’t drink tea, but if everybody’s located it taste good or whatever. Then maybe I’ll be able to do it now. All I drink the tea for like five days.

I couldn’t do it like. Also don’t like tea. This is what I’m saying. If you genuinely don’t like tea, just don’t do the flat tummy team. Unless you really can just force yourself to drink stuff like every day that you don’t like.  But if you like me and I’m just like. I will find another way. Then don’t do it, but I will say that I really feel like flat. Empty does work and I feel like it works because the five days that I did do it the cleanse. The one that you take at night to cleanse the p.m.

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I could actually kind of feel that, working by my stomach would get a little warm. Hot like when I was in the bed, like whatever it was knowing I was doing it. I did. I used the bathroom more than normal, but me personally I did not have a regular bowel movement. Before, I started to flat tummy teeth. Once I started taking it, I was having regular bowel movements. So, I found that to be very helpful. As far as like, if it really works as far as flattening my tummy. I really don’t know because only did it for five days. They can’t come back and be like fair game.

I know don’t do it or yeah worried, because I didn’t really you know how to do it. Two weeks, like I was supposed to so yeah, I’m just going to try a different method to lose the rest of my baby weight off my stomach. But I couldn’t take the taste of the tea because You don’t like tea. I’M not saying that it’s nasty it tastes like me, it tastes like a mint tea, but doesn’t like tea. So, I don’t really know what I was thinking. I did that. But yeah. So, if you can take it, you can handle the taste and you actually can tolerate the tea. Then I say: go for it: if not don’t do it don’t waste your money.

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Final Thoughts:

You can be like me and not finish it because I did not like the taste. So yeah, my stomach, I would do like a show of my stomach, but nothing’s really changed like I don’t think anything’s really changed. So yes, pretty much the same. I am going to come back. As you can see. We put the true glory back in my head, so I will be doing a review on my true glory here in a minute, but that is all for the flat tummy tea. Really sorry for y’all again really wanted to know if it was going to work. Apologize, I won’t be doing any more tea reviews. Well, so yeah, alright until next time, guys

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