How you use more effectively Groove pages?

Groove Pages – Share Funnels are now live and it succeeds! What’s up chaps? Aimee now. So, share funnels are now available in Groove Funnels and you no longer have to import or export HTML registers to clone your pours. Even in your free Groove Funnels account, you can share funnels. And if you haven’t got your free Groove Funnels account, you know what to do. Support the direct the process of creating your free Groove Funnels account by clicking on the link in the description area.

Here’s an immediate lesson on how to share funnels. Okay chaps, in order to better to share funnels you need to log into Groove pages. Head to the site that you want to share then click on this burger icon. Click on share locate then you’ll need to click on add. And then it will generate a link for you so you would emulate that. And this is the link that you will share with other Groove representatives. Now if someone isn’t signed up to Groove Funnels hitherto, it will redirect them to the sign-up page. The good word is that your affiliate association incorporated in the share pours link.

So, if someone signs up to their free Groove Funnels account and clones your funnel, you will receive credit for that. So, if they decide to upgrade to Groove Funnels platinum or the monthly Groove moves contrive. When Groove Funnel swaps over to the monthly schedule, you will receive an affiliate commission for this. Okay, so I’ve already sounded on my own share funnels. And because I already have Groove Funnels open, it automatically loads a print of the funnels in Groove pages.


Groove pages: Sheet figure, sheet claim, meta keywords and Description

So that you can see here, there’s two copies of the same funnel. And then what is necessary do next is click on these three buttons. Click edit. And people it does take time to create these article lessons and I is actually appreciating your help if you could ten-strike that like button now while you’re watching this tutorial. Okay, so a few things I noticed when testing out the share moves. You need to head over to pages and then click on the three flecks for each page. Click on revising regulates and then go ahead now and reform your sheet figure, sheet claim, meta keywords and description to suite your funnel.

Then click on this check icon and then close out of it. Now you want to change your locate establishes so principal to the hamburger icon here. Click on “Site settings” and mutate your business or website honor. Change the favicon because it will preload any favicons. And then scroll down now. And under “Code includes”, make sure you have your own Google Tag Manager or your own Google Analytics Code now. As well as the open diagram persona and the name you want to make sure that- that’s all reformed to your website. And then click on this check icon. Then we’re going to exit out of that and you can go ahead and acquire you alters here.

Swap out your opt-in way and then click on writing. Click on publish. On your discipline, enter your custom-built subject URL and then click on produce. That’s it guys. Alright chaps, I hope you learnt this article useful. If you did, the sound that like button for me, leave me a comment, help I got to get good subscribers.