How did the whole world get fat pandemic, so quickly?

Is everyone precisely a cluster of glutton and sloth? Obesity has been around since there have been beings. It was easy 50,000 years ago and its existing before McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s, and it existed before Coca-Cola. Obesity (fat pandemic) is part of the human condition There are evolutionary reasons for choosing Obesity in beings because people Those who store energy will probably to endure periods of famine.

So, there is a continuous selection process all the time, but none of these things explain how we moved 30 times from being agile. If you are able to. To an incredibly acceptable. “It’s what” a pandemic or epidemic looks like in this case. This is what the plague and influenza look like the question is what exposure is who could explain this. If it’s just nerves Lazy. We have an epidemic of 6monthold obese babies in its own country.

They don’t diet nor exert; would you shoot. They have a bunch of voracity and sloth? This goes far beyond an issue Personal responsibility. We feel that it is the individual’s responsibility Maintain energy balance. Munch the right amount and maintain an appropriate weight. But when something is wrong like being overweight for most of the population, we have to ask about This model and we have to look at the forces outside Ourselves these huge societal environmental powers That make up obesity.

How would you explain the overweight 6monthold?

The reason for our proximity in this epidemic can be summed up in the words one. One meaning that became very so prevalent. It became sacred, then became a belief. This utterance is calories are calories. It is the first thing that nutritionists learned in school of nutrition. If you feed more than you burn.

You will gain weight. If you dine less than you burn. You will lose weight. And it doesn’t matter if these calories come from carrots or cheesecake, the bottom line is that calories are calories. You dined a lot and get very little activity. This is the mantra, and guess what? It does not work. The conclude is not Its success is that calories are not the same as calories. The only belief is that there is nothing.

Is it time a surplus of nutrient?

Choose your favorite hypothesis, there is a lot. Well, you know what is in our environment? Is its high fructose corn syrup? That is the antibiotics that we take, estrogenic, And different hormones that mimic hormones? Is this the environment inside the womb? All of these factors play a role, so it is not just one thing. I necessitate if there’s one big-hearted thing. It is, of course, our food environment. Fast Food, Quick Preparation, Fast Eating, Diseases is also very fast making.

We are in our parents drive, two hours commuting, and our lives Functional 2 do not have time to eat. This is the biggest problem we are currently facing. This is why the industrialized world-wide food items have taken over the world because with all our labor saving maneuvers, with auto, computers and lawn mowers that sit on them instead of paying, etc.

All of these things have reduced our time and have not You established. So that’s government functions of the changes we realize in our society on a large scale to our advantage.

Question, are they? Well, there have been a number of changes in the past 30 times in how we interact with food and our food supply. There are more than 24,000 different meats You participate the market every year and there is a problem Sleep pattern, stress, how we feed our swine, and the items Soil nutrients.

There are a number of different issues in video games. I speculate, add together to the obesity epidemic. Western diet, our diet, which we wish and export at all Over the world. It is now an industrialized global food system. Because it’s cheap, and portable, no intake, watched 10-year-old Twinkie. It has been designed according to really good taste to remain beings eating.

Its now everywhere (Fat Pandemic):

This is exposure. This is what has changed. I think we’ve seen a perfect tornado. We had the convergence of this change in the meat environment. Restrictive pleasure, such as no PE in institutions. Substances, which, we are not quite sure what are they exposed to and they work together.

Boy does that clang better. But, what will these calories do for your waist? Relax, it’s diet. There was a big food war in the 1960s and the seventies and the campaign was heavy or drunkard. And so, he returned us, as a country. Reducing our fat intake from 40% to 30%.

Well, guess what? We did it. But the full amount of the caloric intake Peculiarly carbohydrates and peculiarly sugar has been overrun Limit. That is directive. Its that ordinance in the late 1970 s that are beginning wheeling back obesity. And metabolic illness. It’s almost impossible to buy these canned foods Without coming a lot of extra carbohydrates that will be Toxic to your metabolism.

I am skeptical of anything that says low fat pandemic or diet Because you know that means they had to make up Lots of these lent sugars. Excellent example, Snack Well’s. So, what is Snack Well?

2 grams of fat, 13 grams of carbohydrates increased by 4 Of which sugar is not less than calories. The same number of calories, and if overweight isn’t the problem and sugar. You can see where we’re going here. There’s also a change in this food supply. So, that very delicious food is readily available. We can get to that solace menu Any street corner. Any time of the day and get a few extra calories.

What is a Classic Metabolic syndrome?

When we talk about obesity, we are talking about type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure. And overweight troubles, blood overweight’s. If you will, myocardial infarction. These are kind of the Big Four. If you will, who make up what we call a classic Metabolic syndrome.

However, we now know that there are many other infections. That is also within the collection. For example, Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, which now affects a third of Americans. PCOS, which affects 10% of all women, Cancer as well as dementia.

Now that’s the key. Everyone believes that these sicknesses are downstream Because of obesity this is far from being the truth. Obesity is transmitted with these illnesses, but obesity is a demonstration of those sickness 20%.

Statistic in America Fat pandemic:

Of the obese beings have a metabolism Cellular is completely normal and they will live to a normal senility. Forty percent of lean beings, people with Regular weight suffer from the same chronic metabolic cancers and die from them. Nobody dies of obesity per. They die from infections That comes from poor metabolism. So “when you’re doing” the math that is 60% of America.

We are not talking about a minority. We are talking about the majority. So, when you lend in the medical costs of those eight ailments. This accounts for 75% of health care uses. Not just our payments, and no America only. But around the world so much so that In September 2011.

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Final Thoughts:

The Secretary-general of the United Nation announced. That communicable disease, any chronic metabolic cancer. Form 2 diabetes, Heart disease, blood pressure, cancer, Dementia is now a greater threat to the developing world. Not the developed world. And, the developing world of acute contagious diseases including HIV. This is enormous.

This is the mind boggling. It is absolutely amazing Developing countries have a bigger problem with obesity. Diabetes compared to cholera and other infectious diseases. When you think about it, it should really stop and it gives you pause, something is going on here.