What is the fastest way to lose Belly Fat?

Okay, so another one of my questions from our readers that girls want to know that see how to reduce belly fat?. That’s kind of like a double-edged sword right there, because every time. I see someone that wants to lose weight as fast as possible. They never actually end up achieving their goal or sustaining it’s a very common theme.

Because, you always have that person so yeah. Like they’re sick and tired of how they look. But, not happy with how they look, there’s resistance there and they just want to get to their goal body, and it’s not enough for them to be like it’s going to take time.

They want to get there now. So, what that does puts it a ton of pressure on them? They go on these crazy diet and workout programs. They try and lose 20 pounds a month and sure they might lose 20 pounds a month for the first month and then all of a sudden.

It’s not sustainable. That’s one of my main motifs is that you want to make every day until your goal body enjoyable. You can sustain it for life and so that you’re not wasting life on any miserable diet, workout program. Because, I’ve really never seen it work. The only time. I’ve seen someone actually try lose weight as fast as possible. At work is someone that’s getting ready for a movie role.

I want an lose weight as fast possible

That’s getting paid millions of dollars. We don’t have that level of willpower. I work with tons of clients that tried that model. And, for years and years, they’d spin their wheels over and over again. They lose some weight, then they revert back their old eating habits and then they do it again. For five years, there do the same thing over. When they could have just taken the slow run so there’s also another. Even if it could work, you could lose weight as fast as possible. And stick with it. You have some crazy willpower.

It’s not ideal because once you go to extremes. Once you go too low in calories. Then, once you do too much cardio what happens that extra weight loss isn’t from body fat. It’s from muscle tissue and if you’re losing muscle tissue. You’re, not going to look better. There’s now you’re going to look kind of skinny belly fat and my tablet apples going to slow down because muscle tissue is very metabolic, be costly.

The Secrets to Reduce the belly Fat fast:

It’s going to burn more calories, so if you’re losing muscle and like looking worse. Because, you’re losing like all the extra effort. One cannot lose more fat. Anyone can lose muscle. You’re, looking at, looking worse. Also, not going to burn as many calories.

Now, all sudden, you have to go lower in calories to lose weight. It’s just horrible kind of cycle, perpetual cycles. So, in actuality you don’t want to lose weight as fast as possible. You want to lose weight as fast as you can. While, enjoying the diet and maintaining your lean muscle mass. And so that’s not doing 500 hours a day.

That’s not doing two hours of cardio. Today, it’s just pushing things  a little bit more of an aggressive cut while still being able to enjoy it. If you structure your nutrition properly and you structure your training properly. You can lose weight really quickly. Without killing yourself.

But the thing is, everyone wants to do demote the fastest way. The 20 pounds of modernist. It’s not going to work so the way you lose weight as fast as possible. You find you know the calorie number that you can still say satisfied with. Don’t overdo the trainings. If you do a ton of cardio, what happens?

Are you actually going to make yourself hungers it’s harder to stick the diet?

Then you fall off it. Every 3-4 days and you eat the top of ice cream and you feel guilty. Then you go to the cookies and we feel more guilty than you make a plate of cheese. Nachos and then a sudden. You had all these cheese. Actually, now I have a sugar. Also need sugar now. Because, I was too much salt.

He needs to get more cookies and you eat the cookies. They’re like well. Now I need the cheese nachos again. It’s an endless cycle. Ninety-eight twelve thousand calories. All those days of brutal dieting have just been undone so relax. Okay, accept yourself now realize that you’re enough right now. You don’t need this body perfect body.

To make yourself happy just focus on enjoying the process and becoming the person that you want to be alright. I hope you enjoyed that video in LA that was actually filmed a little while ago with my friend. The main lesson from that article.

Is it’s not about getting lean as fast as possible?

It’s about getting lean at the fastest rate you can. While fully enjoying the dime, it is something you actually sustain and stick to. As, well being able to maintain muscle. Make progress and I’ve actually created a program called the aggressive belly fat loss program which is based exactly on that.

How can you lean down very quickly without, you know the struggle and burden and misery that most diets create? So, you can actually enjoy it every single day. While feeling that high testosterone. None knows not having a drop in testosterone? We do that, you know certain strategies like increasing fats and carbs. Not going too high in protein and using intermittent fasting at the big meals at night.

You know those are super important, so people on that program are getting insane results. They’re leaning down. You know dropping a pound. A half to 2 pounds a week. You know, like that’s like 10 pounds in Fatima month. While actually getting stronger. You know making some really solid gains. Actually, have an actor who’s doing that program right now and  his town.

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Final Thoughts:

You know 20 pounds in just like to be it to like about 10 weeks 10 to 12 weeks. He’s looking great, really feeling that the transformation. When he’s down 10 more pounds in 165. So, if you guys want to learn more about how to achieve real solid progress and belly fat loss without the misery.

That the brutal rapid diets create then hit the lingos page or go into the description and check out my aggressive belly fat loss program. The results are just incredible like we get so many fragging transformations my program every single day, because it is that effective. Once you find an approach that you stick to and enjoy. The results happen really fast, there’s just a matter of time before you’re shredded so hope you enjoyed the video. I will talk to you I’ll talk to you soon.